Finding the niche


Need to be deciding relatively soon my path in the field innit.

Good news is I actually get on with everything blood related – suppose a good sign if I am stuck with the specialty for the rest of my life. But then again…I am a drama addict, and I actually like the REALLY unwell patients which implies hospital life innit. Gotta have a bit of both. Would kill myself if I just sat in clinic all day.

In other news, married life is good. No I ain’t preggers yet. Still renting in London.

I am 3o and nothing much has changed since I was 18.

Still wander aimlessly either out and about or in me head yeh.

PS – fridge is empty, hubby away for 3 days, what to eat for dinner in Veganuary (answer = an iron pill and beaten air)


2 Responses to Finding the niche

  1. Dreamer says:

    ο,τι αθθυμηθουν πκιον δαμεσα. τωρα να το πω της μανας σου πώς εν τρωεις.

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