achievements outside…


oh dear.

[ yes it is finally specialty training application time – applying for the academic bit now and Feb it’s the real thing]


[ let the hemlock tea roll]

Outside medicine i have achieved

an epic ZERO

haven’t written a poetry book

haven’t taken up photography 

haven’t got an indie / electro band playing in obscure clubs 

haven’t even gotten to DJ at New with Mary Ttou

haven’t set up festivals in cypriot mountains 

haven’t got my own art space 

haven’t been acting on indie London scenes 

haven’t been making and selling terrariums of wild abstract flower bouquets

haven’t been an altruist setting up charity work and blood donations (oops that is related to medicine ehehehe)

haven’t been an athlete completing a minimal 5K

I have achieved nothing outside medicine

damn i haven’t even got my own bloody house yet – just £ pounds piling up the bank which are worth nothin really.

Why are we even trying?

In view of recent devastating news and events I know NO “achievements” ever matter.

They would only matter if you have met people that made you and made them better and are part of your and their story.

The only thing that matters is for me is to be with my loved ones

to make time for them even that may mean i finish night shifts and get the next plane out to Cyprus or finish a 10-12 hour shift and go straight out to Soho.

to wake up and sleep by TEG (* does not stand for thrombo-elasto-graphy)

to listen to music and get excited like it’s the first time i listen to the song

But those are apparently not oustanding achievements outside medicine, innit bro



?prolavainw na grapsw ena βιβλιούην με υπερ-ρεαλιστικες ιστορίες για αδρώπους που ζουν πάντα στη δουλειά τζαι σε τρύπες?



2 Responses to achievements outside…

  1. melina says:

    <3 <3 <3

    ti en to hemlock?

  2. melina says:

    metafrasi ennow, giati varkoume na psaxnw

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