procreate with a ξένο – yes you can.

Shocking fact of the day:

1/7 carry the beta thalassaemia trait

1/about 5 carry the alpha thalassaemia trait.

I want to thank my parents for not having the trait.

υγ – εν πιστεύκω εν πιστευκωωωωω, αποκλείεται να εν έτσι πολλή το %.

Τέσπα, πάω πίσω στο μίζερο μου project thalassaemia and πονιείς?.



PS – Το Σάββατο τη νύχτα επήα στη παρουσίαση του βιβλίου της PJ Harvey – new poetry/ phtography book ( seamus Murphy being the photographer that dragged PJH with him in Kossovo, Afghanistan and Washington). What an amazing experience! Especially Kossovo.

The commentary was shallow, uneducated and american (the presenter of the book, asking Seamus Murphy questions about the photographs and introducing them was disappointing… “wow” , “remarkable” were the 2 most frequent words.
Also a very shallow analysis of conflict zones.

Plus why doesn’t anyone do pictures and videos and songs about the after after effect. I want an artist to take a picture of my primary school class name list with an asterisk next to us with refugee parents, the old picture of Dikomo my mom had in the house {what the effin ef…! ), or interview me saying what i feel for my fake semi-refugee status granted by the goverment when i was a child…nevermind).

AND I want PJ Harvery AT least to release an album about me.

Back to my excel spreadsheet

ΑΝΑΘΕΜΑΝΤΑ που να ταν τζαι Excel.

I am using Numbers on the macbook. Προσπαθώ να μεν εκνευριστώ τα μάλα δαμάλα.


2 Responses to procreation

  1. RoAm says:

    i need goosfraba in my life! I am calm cool collected as a cucumber!

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