wrong decisions

With the wonderful eye of “in retrospect” my worst ever decision was to say yes to a medical undergraduate degree.

I am not sure if trying to be a doctor is worth it.

I don’t even know where to begin to analyse it.

You work your ass off and at the end of the day you have nothing.

No one is grateful for your services.

The money is not good at all (no doctor i know affords to buy a place near to their London job). Plus on average each year we spend about 1000 pounds from our own pockets to do the necessary exams/courses…

And what’s left at the end of the day is your worry about the X patient you saw the other day and the faces of the lonely souls who suffer. ( not that i carry them home – i am very good at leaving work behind, but yeah when im downish i think about it).

I am not sure if it is good to have demotivated doctors.

I even think it might be a bit dangerous. Because despite all your professionalism, you might crack for a few minutes to be followed by an unsafe decision.

RIght after finding out that i might not have a house to stay in in a few months whilst still being at this job i went to work – already demoralised that i won’t have a proper home for at least the next 7 years and that during this time i will be paying shitloads on rent without being able to buy and also living with housemates till i am at least 30.

And work made it even more worse.

Last night was one of the busiest nights i have ever experienced so far. Worse than post XMAS days. And my registrar was inadequate to lead a team. The head nurse is a “funny” bully who keeps putting pressure on things that shouldn’t really be that pressured. And the earlier registrar was simply inappropriate – “oh RoAm has never done a reduction. Just get a nurse to help the reg”. Very clever attitude…if i don’t see and do one with supervision how am i ever gonna do it on my own? My answer was simply “well if you think i am inadequate you might as well find somebody who can do it and i can start seeing a patient that i can deal with”. Needless to say she said nothing in return and i got to do the reduction with the other reg.

Eimai sti fasi pou thelw na akousw Ville Valo skypse na sti valw this life ain’t worth living.

{maybe it could all be fixed IF XX knew he was gonna be staying at poushtoxwri and i applied for poushtoxwri , rent a place together and enjoy the restricted scene of poushtoxwri with weekend getaways to the city…but hey! training applications are inflexible and happen only once a year, and there is no scheme for couples apart from the very first 2 years}.

Cheers to wrong decisions.

update: ate elate je ena tragoudaki pou irten sto youtube etsi katalahtos

8 Responses to wrong decisions

  1. Maria says:

    Dude min se pernei poukatw…egw epatha touto to shock sto 2o etos tiu panepistimiou… No one cares. Distixws. Its all about the business. Alla pale kala na leeis pou eisai nea. Alloi pathenoun to sta 40 tous.

    Kai episis espoudases to epidi itheles to. Ara men metanioneis tipote. Diladi an metanioneis esi ti na pei o ipoloipos kosmos :p

    Ypomoni…you never know whats coming.

    • RoAm says:

      εν αλλεπαλληλο το σιόκ…it never ceases to amaze me πόσον σκατά εν ούλλα γυρώ μου τζαι μέσα μου.
      Άσε άσε…τζαι ούλλοι μου οι φίλοι εν επκιαν δουλειά τζια τρέμω τί έρκετε τζαι on my way…
      we’ ll see!
      υγεία πάνω απ όλα!
      Το πολλή πολλή να συνάξω τα savings μου τζαι να γυρίσω το κόσμο, αμμμααα ρεεεε
      θενξ φορ δε σαππόρτ εντ αντερσταντινκ

  2. Giorgos says:

    Just out of curiosity, how much does it cost to live in London? (bare minimum)

    • RoAm says:

      χμμμ πάνω στες 800 ενοίκιο, άτε αλλο 50 τα μπιλς, αλλο 50-60 το μήνα πες council tax, το transport πας τες 90 το μήνα αν δεν είσαι δίπλα που τη δουλειά τζαι φκαίνεις τζαι λλίο έξω…ε θέλεις σίουρα πολλά πολλά λλίο 1000 απλά για τα βασικά.

  3. Anonymous says:

    κρατα γερα. εισαι πιο δυνατη απο οτι νομιζεις. σοβαρα τωρα.

  4. takkamx says:

    υπομονή.. ξεκουράστου όσο μπορείς..

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