more ragtime

Question 1:

When will i travel the world?

Question 2:

When will i have my own family that includes child/children?

Question 3:

Will we ever manage to live in the same town/city with Thomas again?

Question 4:

Will i get to finish off a PhD in London?

Question 5:

Will everything be ok whilst im trying to work out a plan?

Answers: probably not. it is alllll unpredictable. i.e. simera eisai, avrio en eisai. simera kamneis to touto, avrio kamneis to jeino. simera zeis Londino, avrio zeis st ana8ema, simera oulloi en kala, avrio en nen kala.

Tounta upcoming applications exalasan mou to mood mou. Meta pou polli jairo niw8w pessimistic.

One Response to more ragtime

  1. Moonlight says:

    πιιιι, σε διαβεβαιώ ότι έχει πιο μεγάλους σου που ακόμα έννεν καν nowhere near where you are, οπότε μεν το σκέφτεσαι. έννα έρτει η ώρα για ούλλα. :)

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