2 of our patients died over the weekend.

None of them were expected – kinda.

That’s the second time i want a post mortem. { 1st one was when i was doing urology and we had a chap who we passed over to the medics cos none of the urologists had any clue what was going on }. 

For 1 of them i think i know what happened, if you are frail with COPD and loads and loads of phlegm all you need is a mucous plug to tilt you over the edge.

For the other one, it’s a puzzle. Even though i might have an idea as to what happened…


In other news

Ανυπομονώ να πάω Croydon, δαμέ δίπλα για δουλειά. Να μεν οδηγώ 1 ώρα κάθε μέρα να πάω τζαι 1 να ρτω. 

Που θέμα λεφτών έστω τζαι αν οι 2 δουλειές μου εν 1Α banding ( i.e. i will get 50% of my monthly salary as overtime) άτε να πάει 200 λίρες πάνω το μηνιάτικο μου μετά που φόρους τζαι μαλακίες.

Εθωρούσα προχτές σπίδκια/διαμερίσματα and it hit me.

I will never be able to purchase a flat in London.

Unfortunately normal doctors don’t make enough money for that. 

So if it’s not London i am afraid it will be Cyprus as my permanent basis με 1 φορά κάθε 2 μήνες εβδομάδα στο Λονδίνο.

How can i live away from this place???

Ούφφου. Εν αγχωτικό τζαι είμαι μια αππωμένη Λευκωσιάτισσα. 

Πρέπει να αρκέψω να παίζω κουμάρι



2 Responses to hmmmm

  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel you! I will never be able afford a flat in London.
    And it makes me sad.

  2. Έχει παγκόσμιο, παίξε αουτσαίντερ.

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