the ’13 rundown

it has been a good year…

to be fair it has been a fuckin’ awesome year.

It had its ups and its downs…just like every big event that respects it self.

2013 Jan 1: finds me at Akropoli in the flat…with me mates as usual.

2013 Jan 6: finds me celebrating my bday in Nicosia. S + E stayed late…we recorder my first drum solo on my mom’s pyrex. I call it “Ppppyyy rexe olan pou jiame”.

2013 Jan 12: finds me celebrating my bday in little Cam – incidentally we make Tom happy by celebrating his bday too – with my cake -.- tespaaaaa

2013 Jan 12+ : finds me doing A+E and starting to read for finals. PANIC on the horizon.


2 Responses to the ’13 rundown

  1. Dreamer says:

    20something March: i met Dreamer and my life changed

    εξιασες το

  2. Adelaide says:

    Eva Rivas – Hi, Amanda Catalfo referred me to you. I browsed through your photos and I like them. I am wondering how much a package would be? Mu wedding date is July 2, 2011. If you could email me back inifrmatoon at your earliest convenience I would appreciate it.

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