Is so underestimated.

Roaming round with my gang.

Pick up whatevers on the street. We are collectors at the end of the day, innit luv?

Albion cafe or whatever.
Oh yeah trendgkies jengies sta Landa.

Ekleisame to 4wro dame.

Apextisa allo na sygkatoiko en tweta3y.

Tespa… Rawness.

I dont like it when tastes are masked when they are not as strong as they ought to.

Boundaries to shisto mu mesa boundaries.

The power of being vulnerable and sharing your insides, innit me(r)ry?

The strength to admit you love his bad humour and he knows it.

And somebody on the end of the line telling me he s gonna be playing bowling.

Tangled in too many ends.

I can handle it.

Ftanei na shiei truthful honesty and nakedness alllllll the way.

Disguise is so passé

Over analysis is also over enough.
We just chose to get on with it.

It s like death.
You know it s coming and it s inevitable but you dont dwell on it.



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