the siderooms

The sideroom 2 –

ehm i saw her on my oncall. cant remember exactly which one. but i did see her name. cholangiocarcinoma.

ou gamwto – eskeftika.

then she came under us…kidneys had packed up – too much tumour pressing against the wee-tubes.

temporary measures – stenting.

then the tumour crashed the stents almost ? or were they blocked? {but so soon? surely not…}

nephrostomies in.

She was in denial that she was dying.

I saw the rule happening right in front of my eyes.

How long does one have to live?

—> how steep is the decline? If they get worse every month/few months they ve got months to live. Decline by weeks? They ve got weeks to live. Decline by days…then it’s sooner than you think.

Yeah so she was in denial. Cos she was young [50s is young].

And then one day she wasn’t. Egemwsen o topos kinezoidi [twra mou rten touto – ekamne fit to high risk profile for cholangiocarcinoma – was it chlonorchis?! \\ kati ema8ame je meis apo pathology]. Nai, irtan filoi/sygkeneis

Same evening, she died.

Next morning when i was told, i was utterly shocked.

I think it was just because i had only caught glimpses of her cos we only saw her a few times…

E meta eperase mou.

Ekama malakies sto 8alamo as usual…

p.x. na paw na gemwsw mia syrigga me NaCl pou jeinto plastiko vial…je na men pianw velona na roufisw to NaCl tzai na trexoloa po3w, alla na epimenw, je na skeftoumai oti an valw llio aera mes to vial me ti syrigga epidi en na kamei increase to presure en na fkei pio eukola. … skata eto etravisa tzai ti syrigga parapanw je efkike to emvolo je ekama mia lanta je egeloun moni mou.




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