the meaning of life

life ought to be simple and uncomplicated.

simple days

simple things

nothing too fancy

a bleep here and then to excite us

but it should be enough.

im looking forward to living on a bench in hyde park.
Cos if these guys do not converge their opinions about our future nest that’s where i am gonna be staying.

Or maybe get hospital accommodation foreverrrrrrrr.

In other news – i ve just completed all i had to do prior to setting foot in my new hospital.

– new professional email address : check { }

– registered to the eportfolio site : check

– registered to the deanery’s online learning platform thingy whatevaaa : check

– registered in the actual deanery : check

– sorted out all my medical council registration numbers blah blah 

– just finished that pharmacology quiz:  woohooo 


2 Responses to the meaning of life

  1. Moonlight says:

    ξέρεις ότι έπρεπε να έχεις έτσι email να σου στέλνουμε μαλακίες, έννε; :p

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