Wash hands, hello my name is RoAm, thanks very much for coming today.

Can i take your name and age please?  I have been asked to examine your X. This will involve me having a look at your hands and blah blah.

Would that be ok?

Just before i do anything, do you have any pain or discomfort anywhere?


And so my 7 years of undergrad in theory could be over and out this time exactly (1425) tomorrow.

I am unfortunately not 100% confident that i am going to pass my finals. THE finals.

The thing that everyone’s talking about since day 0 of medschool.

Hell, i even knew about the medical finals whilst i was a physicist at another university.
I had even heard of the funny Amateur Transplant songs “stuff that you need for finals” way before i was at this stage.


The thought of failing – which is more than realistic, i am afraid – makes me wanna run to the loo and puke my guts out.

The thought of passing – which is still more than realistic, i am happy to say – make me wanna run to the loo and puke my guts out.


The thought of the 28th 3pm in sunny Cyprus, sitting in front of my Macbook, opening cam- sis, logging in, hopefully for the last time, clicking Easter Term 2013. I hope i see one line of results. 2 means you ve failed something.

I don’t know what happens afterwards.

I ve never failed an exam in the past.

I do feel as i have pretty much failed the Public health exam (i am taking my notes with me in cyprus as a precaution).

And i do feel as i could be borderline for the S. C. E. E. exam which is one of those that if you fail, that’s it, you repeat the year.


And then there’s Tom. Whom i am leaving behind. Who has been playing goodbye songs all week. That has not left me alone for a month now.

I am gonna miss the dude, and yes i have been falling in love with him. You know, the thing when i see his blue eyes and feel that the whoooolleeeeee world is in there ( run to the loo and puke my guts out again).

When he makes fun of my accent, and when he tries to suprise me by coming slowly in my room and tickle me. Shame i can always view him on my macbook screen.

Im gonna miss how overanalysing he is and how he things he has OCD / Depression / Bipolar / Cancer and all those other things we all go through whilst in medschool.


And he’s already moved his shirts in my current room that’s gonna be his room.


I really really want this to be over

I want a job, i want a fucking real life away from this shithole.


I am nervous that i haven’t performed as i should have.

I definitely haven’t performed to the best of my abilities.

And my confidence levels are pretty close to the underground platform at Caledonian road (always seemed to be quite far down).

I ve never been a confident person despite what that others may say.

And i fucking need the fucking confidence for tomorrow.

Where are the chipitos, i may find some in there


The Antimoko Series:

Κούλλα μου με έχεις κάνει πολύ χαρούμενη που έχεις κοιμηθεί πάνω που 5ωρο! Ελπίζω να συνεχίσεις να κοιμάσαι. Εδοκίμασες να τζοιμηθείς τσιτσίδι τζαι επέτυχε???


The Gastronomy Series:

734710_483341361723873_168152414_n sang3


4 Responses to 3D

  1. Grouta says:

    Ξερεις το οτι το κολοκασι εγω γραφω το κωλοκασι για ευνοητους λογους? Που να το ξερεις… Ενιγουεϊ… κωλοκασι???? ΔΕΑΑΑΑΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ!

  2. αντιμοκουλλου says:

    in any case puke is involved :s

    You know what?! We’ll miss Tom as well. weird!

    have faith-that’s my cheesy tryin-to -motivate-you-phrase of the day.

    τσιτσιδι ναι! it worked! small tip: keep the socks on!

  3. moonlight says:

    Cheer up, dude! Έννεν το τέλος του κόσμου αν δεν περάσεις ασπούμεν! Το χειρότερο εν ότι χαλιούνται οι διακοπές σου. Να σκέφτεσαι θετικά, τζαι η έννοια σου να είναι ο Ττττομ. Κάμε καμιά κόνηση να σου φκει το απωθημένο εγώ λαλώ! ;)

  4. Azimuthcy says:

    Σου στέλω τηλεπαθητικά θετική ενέργεια! :p Καλές επιτυχίες!

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