a bit of panic

breathe in breath out 

i can do this 

i can do this

no i cant do this

no i cant

but yes i can

why may i not be able to do this

i don’t know 

but what do i know

i know shit

– no im not referring to gastroenterology (eou)

fuck fuck fuck 


4 Responses to a bit of panic

  1. Egw says:

    You can do it! Just do it!

  2. Aspro kai paxi says:

    Εξετάσεις; Οφ κόρς τζαι μπορείς. Έτσι ωραία που μας τα εξηγάς εμάς στο μπλοκ!!!! Δυναμικά!!!

    • RoAm says:

      thanks re pashi (opws me peripaizei i mamma mou “inta pou kamneis pashi mou?” “efaes popse pashi mou?” ti napeis)

      elpizw na ta kataferw na antexw wspou na 3ekinisoun ta exams je na men ta fajjisw je na ta paretisw jai na fyw.

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