Souvlakia on saturday

Dear blog and readers {if i ve got any who actually pay attention to my random mumbling and oblivious murmurs and hums of reality and the occasional  brainy fiction}.

Allow me to begin by stating that i am indeed tipsy.

The formal at John’s was pretty darn  good. And since i did pay 29 quid for it i thought i’d make the most of it by drinking various colors. So i have had  champagne, white wine, red wine, port. So one could indeed argue that i am hovering over the tipsy-land.

The dinner was nice, the hall was nice, wooden and candlelit, people in their dresses and their bow-tied suits…

And then the nevrologos professor we were talking about in the last post gave a speech.

And he thanked the soc president, fatty (my colleague in organising shit), james (events person who arranged the fancy dinner) and myself for being such a wicked team.

Truth is i don’t give myself credit for anything, nor i feel the need to.

my self esteem is close to |0| and i don’t really mind.

i am a creature of simplicity after all. i am happy with a nice frape  on a sunny day.

i was surprised to hear him say that we are indeed the best medical UK medical school society (yes we did win the award last year but meh it counts for nothing…) and that the conference which basically fatty and myself put together was the thing that made us stand out.

It is shocking to hear a man of his fame talk about how good we did.

We are talking about a guy who found himself in a party (those cambridge parties where everyone is famous in their field) talking to a strange man who was interested in what he was doing. And the neurology professor explained that he was working in Multiple sclerosis genetics. And the strange man asked oh what is that? And prof explained that we have 23 paired chromosomes and each segment can be a gene and blah blah. And after a while neurology prof asked the stange man “who are you sir may i enquire?”

And it was Francis Crick. (one of the 2 cambridge people who discovered the double helical structure of the DNA)

And this is it.

This is Cambridge.

I know i hate this place as a place.

But when it comes to work, it can be a mindfuck (can be sweet lovin to rape).

Or when you casually happen to be diagnosing the nobel laureate that has discovered the conduction in nerves with an upper motor neuron lesion and then they ask “so what is this UMN lesion doctor?” and you can only answer with “well, sir, you see it is a lesion that if you like, affects the conduction in your nerves” [ true story haha]

or when you are in a university that has the most nobels – 89 apparently i found out tonight. And that the medicine / neuroscience prizes have gone to more doctors than pure bench scientists.

and that’s what’s pissing me off. Sugar coating. Makes me question my beliefs and reality. Am i the one who is disillusioned or is it them?

Am i too cynical and a pessimist more than a realist or are they too enthusiastic and are just PR-ing?

I am so confused about my wants and needs.

And my new zen self is not really helping.

The “it’s all gonna be fine and if it’s not fine it’s still gonna be fine with something else” attitude is meeeehhh.

I truly have no ambitions, no reason to exist, im a waste of energy in all truth, a true parasite.

But i am enjoying it! i am having a proper laugh with most things and i dont take shit into my mind, when i close my home-door everything stays behind it. One could argue that i am just sweeping the dust under the carpet but hey, it has kept me going.

Me, a stress queen at previous points, i am now known by my colleagues as the chillaxed person that can calm things down.

What the fuck man?

I was even  told twice tonight by 2 separate people that i am incredibly relaxed and one of  them suggested they write my phone number so that they can visit me when they feel stressed. what is it in me that makes people believe im relaxed and easy going? i think this must have been going on for 2-3 years now…strange.

{ Im so glad i have my oxford handbook to occupy me for most of my free time. Otherwise i would have gone absolute bonkers. }

and yes

i am finding out today, for the second time, whether i have a job anywhere / south thames or cambridge or blah blah blah.

But since the above sugar coating is not really working for myself i think it may just be the right time to move back in Cyprus.

simple answer: i do not know where my fours are going!


so let’s celebrate for more feather in the wind days of just pure existence

wake up – drink coffee or my fave vitamin fzzzzzzz – go in hospital and question my skills and knowledge – lunch with kkofle3 and coffee or salad – bookwork or more hospital – bookwork – dinner with usually something raw or boiled cos i cannot be bothered to cook for just myself – bookwork  – shower- sleep

bleeps occur every week at least 4/5 times so that keeps me satisfied ; parties, pubnights, group studying, gatherings blah blah blah

for instance on sat a surprise party is happening at my place. and apparently the people are doing souvlakia in my parking lot. whatever dude, as if i care. wait…souvlakia?









9 Responses to Souvlakia on saturday

  1. Τι τραβάς κι εσύ, κακόμοιρο! Σε καταλαβαίνω..
    Σουβλάκια και ξερό ψωμί, ρε!! :Ρ
    Χαιρετισμούς από την μακρινή Μελβούρνη :-)

    • RoAm says:

      γεια! σουβλάκια τζαι καλοψημένη τραγανιστή πίττα εννοείς :p
      τα φιλιά μου στην ωραία Μελβούρνη από την γκρίζα as usual Αγγλία.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Indeed, that is Cambridge….

  3. Dreamer says:

    cheers to tipsiness!!! cheers to souvlakia!! cheers to tipsiness after some souvlakia!! oy oy oy!!!

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