Capitalism and illness? Autoimmunity and self?

Just stumbled upon this – to twitter ftaei…
Je epd en exw diary allo fylaw to link dame
Interesting read.
Have a go if you want to feel lucky for
1. Being healthy
2. Being able to take decisions about your body without too much pondering ( i almost sound like a surgeon now – ” lesion? Where is the lesion? Must cut out the lesion! Theatre 3, scalpel, diathermy and go”

How to be a person in the age of autoimmunity
From Cluster Mag

En paraskeviii
En paraskeviii
En na paw spiti mu
En na paw spiti mu yayyy
Ti nyxta en na paw formal sto Trinity ( to kollegio pu en alopos oso plousio oso i vasikissa men su pw je parapanw…se kapkoia fasi eixan to millenium bridge je to o2 stadium…!).
Savvato? Nmz enan movie night tha itan ideal…
Pizza, beers and couch with the cammies.

Yup thats what i ll do!

Je na dkiavasw nevrologia


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