convo with the sis

Blue= sista
Red = meself

“Ε κόρη εψές εποτζοιμηθήκαμε με τον Χ. πας τον καναπέ…τζαι εξυπνήσαμε η ώρα 430am, τζαι λαλεί μου ‘εν γινεται να τζοιμηθώ δαμέ τζαι να ξυπνήσω να φύω σφαίρα το πρωί’ “

“Ε καλάν μάνα μου γιατί εν τον άφηκες…αφού ξέρουμε ότι γαμιέστε ούλλη μέρα…”

“Watch your tongue”

a minute later:

loooookk i can see it.

ps: me and my sis have no boundaries. boundaries are for strangers.
i think she is adopted or i am adopted cos we look and act nothing like each other…

my parents insist that we are both their offsprings but hey…who knows what can happen in the newborn-baby place?

(we always ponder if one of us is the true offspring of a rich fat cypriot and has missed the opportunity of adorning the pages of beautiful people).
But still she is my sisttaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the one and only.


2 Responses to convo with the sis

  1. loοk i can see it tooooo :P
    χαχαχαχαχα :)

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