na paizw ki8ara

je na en proper gig.

axxx i really enjoy it

esto je an eimai crap

laleis na paretisoume tin iatriki me ton allo je na metakomisoume a8ina na ginoume rock stars?


my favorite version of umbrella eeevvaaaaaaaa (see cakes new post as well) ;-)


2 Responses to pe8ymw…

  1. Moonlight says:

    εμένα πάλε αρέσκει μου το cover (τζαι το αστείο κλιπ) των vanilla sky (youtube it)

  2. cake says:

    ontws en polla wraio! areskei m polla na se thwrw me kithara u r a hot little thaang!! very rock chick

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