sunday, my fave day to bitch

Irta pisw pou to nottingham (friends + anathema gig + loads of coffee sitting down for ages in starbucks ….you know the drill).

And as soon as i set foot in this fucked up hall my lamps went on. My fucking flatmate must ve had friends over and the kitchen floor + benches are full of seeds, small pieces of shredded salad leaves and a piece of onion. That’s not what i like to find when i come back home. The floor is sticky and her unwashed plates etc are piled up on the side of the sink. I don’t give a damn about unwashable stuff but maan, are you serious with the mess?!

Last week she shaved her legs but didn’t rinse the bathtub after she finished off her business. I went in to have a shower and i stepped in to find this out. Do i need to mention how the hair and the shaving cream adhered to the plastic bathtub? Anyway, i washed it off and pretended as if nothing happened.

And now my mom calls to tell me that my sister has found her accomodation for next year and that they will also have a backyard etc.

Why do i have to live in this fucking fucked up hall?

The dryer is still not drying clothes up and again i had to put all my stuff one by one on the heating element.

Life sucks.

I am not sure i ve got the stamina to live in this piece of shit land anymore.

I wanna move out but it is the stupidest thing i can possibly do in terms of

a) money

b) time-consuming activities

c)where do i put my car again?

d) how do i get to the hospital in cam if there’s no adequate bus routes in this shit-town?


How i wish i could turn the clock back,

be 14 again

stay on the dimosio

never have o levels and a levels

decide i wanna do medicine from the start

go to zillion of idiaitera

have no life for a year

and have an apartment in athens with an lcd, couch, kitchen, fridge and stay there for solid 6 years.

Did i mention that within one academic year i will move in/out 4 times to different rooms?

I hate my college and my college hates us.

One Response to sunday, my fave day to bitch

  1. nekat0meni says:

    Ipomoni, ipomoni roam mou! En na perasei…Je ego ixa paromies katastaseis…Ne je ego etsi elaloun palia! O jeros eperase…..
    Mia fora i mia sigkatikos afotou eka8arisa t kouzina epd ektitziasame tzimesa…oi pontikoi elipan, apofasise na kamei tonosalata! H tonosalata itan pantou, k otan leeo pantou ennow pagko xame maroulia tonos kremidia xame ektos pu t piato ts!!Je itan molis eka8arisa!!!!
    I hate my college and my college hates us. Mitsi to kako!!!!

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