dear you, i am so happy that exactly a year after that, we have a healthy friendly relationship.

I am also glad i did not let pride and this and that get to me.

I enjoy being with you, and i have missed having a guy around me all the time.

I also enjoy the fact that we will never ever ever ever ever ever get together on a more than friendly level. You try to get me in your trap as you did last time but no sir…you don’t know what you want in your bed and i’d rather we do not go back to pissing me off.

Furthermore, i am satisfied with our current level of communication and my gradual opening up to you.

I was in need of a real real real friend within the village and in proximity. I love the fact that i can put my hands on yours when we are typing essays and shit and i don’t have to think about it or over-analyze it.

I adore the way you call me Rrraaaaah sampos je eimai kamia kojjinoxwrkatou sou, areskei mou je menan pou sou lalw

Rreeeeeeeeee pareeeetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aman me peirazeis.

Je epeisis kamneis me panta na lalw ‘kyrie eleison, en 26 xronon tounto plasma’ opote mou laleis pellares tou styl “1 2 3 i kkelle sou pataria” i to “o kwlos sou se trwei”.

Mono pou to skeftoumai fyrnoume moni mou.

I had missed these stupid moments. I probably haven’t had them for the past 2 years or smth.

San lefkosiatissa prepei na gra4o pas se 8ranio mes to lecture theatre “B.F.F.A.E”

a je areskei mou aman mou ferneis tsai xoris na sou to zitiso :D:P

je episis thank you pou je si 8eleis na kameis kati me neuro je eimaste partners in crime. 8a tous apoteliwsoume olous otan kamoume run to neuro-soc mas soooon soooon soon.

Je 8wrw mas se kana xrono na kamnoume je publish kana paper se malakies apla gia to goitro tou publishing! Je thanks pou me kountas, giati den ypirxe chance sto kosmo na kamnw etsi pramata k skef4eis pou moni mou.


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