6wri ekdromi sto Londino

Dear diary tonight you will be written in english.

I departed from my village at about 12:30. Of course i skipped all 3 lectures from 10-13:00 cos i’d rather have my spanish class instead of human reproduction (mmm but i do wonder what it was about ) moda and pathology.

Today was freezing. And as they say the good day shows from the morning.

I got up at 6:30. Why oh why did tht happen? I don’t know. And i couldn’t sleep. I kept spinning around under my yellowish sheets and at about 7:30 i though it was time to quit and get up. So i have my frosties and touch the window to tell how cold it was.

And it was cold. But it wasn’t raining.

8:40 i depart and guess what. It started raining. I got back in , got my 3 pound umbrella and walked to neuro lecture. And guess what, it was fucking windy and as usual my umbrella turned inside out.

I got pissed, my blood boiled, my meninges bounced and i bet my temples were vibrating. I still had 10 -15 minutes of walking in the rain without an umbrella. When i reached the bin i smashed my sooo dead umbrella, said all the bad words i know in greek and threw it in.

After neuro i went to spanish class and at 12 i was ready to hit the train for London. X was around for some social workers conference whatever thing. I waited for the bus in the freeezing cold and thought of happy warm thoughts but naaah nothing works in that situation. Ain’t nothing better than the old masella-hitting cold reflex.


I got in waterloo where we met with X and his sis. They wanted to get to London Eye.

Yes, i know , i bet Londoners think that they london eye is just for tourists blah blah blah and i agree BUT, it was one of the first things  i did as part of the Fresher experience at Imperial. Thus, i was quite keen on seeing how it looked up there after 3-4 years of being a london-roamer.

And it was fan-ta-st-ic. We got into one of those capsules with some amish-like american tourists and there we were spinning underneath london skies.

And yes, i was like ‘o my lorttt there’s Queens tower in Imperial, and that must be hyde park, o look its the serpentinte…awww and that should be home…oohhh. And look it’s tower bridge and tate, and my friend’s house near waterlook, and ooo loook i think that’s centre point in holborn, ooo and ucl hospital and kings cross and this and that blah blah blahh’.

So yes i loved it.

And then we went to Covent garden for food, and then we went to st chris’s place. Piccadilly was shut down (i guess someone must ve jumped in the tracks…how typical!), and hence oxford circus with victoria/bakerloo was just…no, don’t even go there!

But of course the good pallikari knows another route and so i got 390 to get back to Kings Cross.

Kissed goodbye x and reminded him that on the weekend we are going to get plenty of time to do silly things in Holland.

Said bye bye to lovely wintry christmassy lit london, smilled all the way in the bus to king’s cross.


And that’s when i realised that all this time, i thought i had left my heart in London…but nope…i ve just left loads and loads and loads of scattered pieces of me in its streets and flats. And since im not reclaiming my pieces, London will always be mine :-)


6 Responses to 6wri ekdromi sto Londino

  1. Rania says:

    i ve just left loads and loads and loads of scattered pieces of me in its streets and flats. And since im not reclaiming my pieces, London will always be mine…

    Πολύ μου άρεσε αυτό που έγραψες!! I feel the exact same way:)

  2. Urban Tulip says:

    Υπέροχο κείμενο roamaki.
    Αλλά οι τελευταίες 4 αράδες ήταν ΟΛΑ τα λεφτά!

    • RoAm says:

      ate dostou polla filia kai agapes tora pou 8a sai pale piso.
      jai mias je 3ero oti en na re3eis pou to nero jiame sto jimmy…pienne je ena gyro pou to yauatcha (broadwick st) gia tsai yiaponeziko je macarons!!!!

  3. cake says:

    kori, unbelievable alla aman grafeis sta agglika grafeis me polla diaforetiko styl kai mporw na pw oti me ekseplikses deary (to apolafsa fysika opws ola ta keimenakia s)

    • RoAm says:

      eimai pio apolavstiki stin pragmatikotita omos, prepei na to omologiseis dear. Je o Sloan en nen 3an8os!!!!!!!!!! En mavromallis me prasina ma8kia je genia nta3eiiii? Btw…elpizo to minima gia to dwro tou mellontikou sou antra na men itan gia to Karev!!!
      nai sta agglika eimai pio sensible giati arko na ta skefto je kamno ta llio pio process. Enw sta ellinika paei i ske4i mou shionoti xwris pollin association cortex na kamnei processing hahahah.

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