i euxi tis imeras

Verandouda, mpyra, souvlakia.

nothing more.

je meta ttavli je nargiles ( there’s always some more).

ps: miso to biochemistry

8elo fanella pou na lalei


(MIMS = molecules in medical sciences i kati te8kio)

Nai en mporoun sto cambridge na laloun ta pramata me to onoma tous.

FAB = Functional architecture of the Body allos Anatomia

HOM = Homeostasis allos physiologia

SCHI = Social context of health and illness allos sociology

ISBM = en 3ero kan ti simainei = statistics and epidemiology

tou xronou ginetai kalitero

MODA = mechanisms of drug action i kati etsi (8oro me na paraggelo fanella MODA EISAI MOTA)

HR = human reproduction (oxi pos HR en to human resource se oullon to kosmo)

je BOD = biology of disease allos pathology


One Response to i euxi tis imeras

  1. V says:

    Αν υπολογίσω που το δικά μας το ISBM πρέπει να είναι I(ntroduction?) to Statistical and Behavioral Medicine. Ή μπορεί το I να stand for Interview? Έτσι ένει. Πού να δεις στο Immunology, Pathology, τζαι Pharmacology ίντα acronyms εννα ππέφκουν που τον ουρανό.

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