i like

1. damage you can fix (bob the builder ena prama)

2. pictures of all sorts (it’s like playing ‘vres tis 10 diafores’ sto tv mania , seriously addictive)

3. anatomy

4. neuroscience/ neuroanatomy

5. thorax and head and neck and hand

i don’t like

1. Biochemistry i.e. metabolism, never got it and never will, oh and cellular control of growth cdc25 ck103129837 p2139823872 rb1, acp, weeeeeeee , gia to onoma tou 8eou, 8eoroume to pragmatiki epistimi tounto prama?!

2. my physiology supervisor who cannot answer my questions (melina you are by far the best physiology teacher tou kosmou)

3. biochemistry ( did i mention it before?).

4. cambridge weather

5. talking tooooo much. I don’t mind listening but i mind talking. especially the usual crap of “yes i understand, that must be terrible”. An sou pei o as8enis as poume “areskei mou na klanno je na afko ton anaptira na do afkei fo8kia je katala8os krouzo ton kolo mou ” prepei na tou peis ‘i understand, it must be very difficult for you.” je meta en na tou peis “well what do you thing we should do about your churned ass?”

je en na sou pei monos tou “maybe stop shedding light to the place that no light shines?”

En mporeis na tou peis eisai me ta kala sou mana mou?! (at least in the medical student authority limits).

So no talking, not too much talking, not too much pretentious talking.

i.e. ekamame exclude tin ongkologia (i guess), tous GP. that’s a start!

Ekamame tin radiologia je to A&E polla attractive.

alla dame erketai to megalo mygodes ALLA. To A&E and trauma blah blah blah erkountai me Orthopaedics. Have u ever seen me? eimai enan 1.60 je an mou fisiseis en na ppeso xame pou tin agymnasia.


Radiology it is?!


One Response to i like

  1. Demetris says:

    Allo ‘nas kypreos radiologist it is then!
    Ate mana mou!
    Pou na se dw jai academic.

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