go val go val

Epitelous mporo na po se oullon ton kosmo oti 3eroume pion 8a 4ifizoume sto greek idol!

Ampa je 4ifisete kanan allon, eko4a sas ta sherka sas!

I always tell val that she was one of the nicest ppl i met in GS.

There i was in my first day as a newbie in GS back in 2002. I only knew joah (who later was my flat mate and eternal friend), my neighbour (and best friend kostakis the toastaki) and kilaniotou( the life is a bitch but kostantinia is more – hahaha megales stigmes!). Gia kali mou tixi imoun stin idia ta3i me tin Joah mias je eixame dkiale3ei peripou ta idia ma8imata.

New school, new faces, oh my goodness oulla sta egglezika, how do i meet ppl? inta glossa miloume damesa me ta kopelloudkia tou idiotikou? And there was Val.

No need to do anything. She was the first person to come and introduce herself and befriend me.

So yeh, that’s 4E back in 2002.

And then London, EYP and all those things in btn.

and the memories and the fun and john and waterloo and kevin spacey and gosh i miss it!


6 Responses to go val go val

  1. nekat0meni says:

    ahahah foveri na xairese tin fili sou 8a tin exoume sta ipo4i mas kalooo!!!

  2. Java101 says:

    ree latrevo ta stereotypa! alla nomizo ediksa sou ena pio cool tropo na to paizeis :p thimoume pou ekamnate prova me tes ores……oh memoirs

  3. RoAm says:

    @java : re o xristos inta pou ekame? empike 15ada? yes, no?

  4. Anonymous says:

    polla kali i Valanto!

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