the commence of my ebay addiction

i finally browsed through my bank account history and i retrieve the codes needed for activating pay pal from my natwest online banking stuff.

then i rashed to

go to see the bids ending soonest and i bided. for the first time.

it was 4 weeks ago. just before we hit bury st eds. i got this pilates dvd for 2 pounds or smth.

(I haven’t watched it no…but i should! we tried to with a colleague of mine but it just didn’t work…we couldn’t stop laughing so we switched to sex and the city instead).

Then i got this model skull with all the foramens. i call it mike the skull-ptor (got it ? haha im so proud )

don’t know why

here’s mike with the first frape of the year 2-3 weeks or so ago

After mike i bided on this anatomy software cd rom which seemed like a 3d shit i ve been looking for for the past 6 months but to my disappointment it was more lecture notes. i don’t want lecture notes, i want IMAGES. but it was like 5 pounds. mind u it has loads of exercises. could prove useful right before exams!

Then i forgot about ebay do to all the bury staff and no time.

but last week…

i was searching over dvd tv series and i found ER S03-S10 for 14 pounds. well i don’t like ER. I never liked it as a kid ( no one was hot. come on where is mcdreamy? and someone ‘dark and twisty’ like meredith to spice things up. all we got to see was blooddy gurneys rushing off to OR or smth. not smth a kid would like. ah yeh and then were the lesbians. i think it was the first time i saw lesbian scenes EVER. And i just watched it for like 4-5 times. Desperate times). But as i said…or maybe i didn’t..i ran out of tv series.

Big Bang – check

Grays – check

House – check

Trauma – check

black books – check

fawlty towers – check

dexter – well im begining to

how i met your mother – check

i’m getting simpsons from isohunt – check

Nai eimai lymeni.

So i though ER could contribute smth to my list.

I bided, then someone else did, then i said , right im not paying more than 15 pounds for ER. And then over easter sunday i went to check with my friend charlou maria on ebay what was happening 2 hours before the bid ended and guess what…4 bidders, price sky high (17 pounds). ok i deciding to just sit in front of the macbook with maria and wait patiently for the last 20 secs.

And yes i got it for 17.50 or smth hahaha.

And guess what…i still don’t really like it! Even george clouney is not hot. The hottest guy is Jerry. en 8eleis apla na tou kameis youtzou youtzou tes voukkoues tou?

je plus evare8ika na 8oro medical dramas. anything else please?

Laleite na to giriso sto 24? Tin proti fora pou eida 24 i was hooked. Not a good idea with exams coming up.

No egglezikes koultouriarikes, im trying to mash my brain up! Mporo na teleioso to friends je to sex and the city alla esindesa ta me parea je den leei na ka8oume san tin koukkoufi na 8oro 4 genejes na tron / pinoun / sinousiazountai with all the hot NY guys, 8a pa8o kata8li4i, i na 8oro mian hilarious teleia parea mes ta teleia tous apartments in NY na kamnoun malakies je na fyrnounta, sto telos en na fyrto je go pou marazi. No no no no stop stop

medical drama is good.

keeps me focused on the job.

what is the new word there?

have they done it right or wrong?

i hate medical dramas that try to focus on the medicine.


when is the new gray’s coming out?

oh my god molis tora esiniditopoiisa oti anti grey’s grafo gray’s. ela gie mou give me more.

plus my holidays are officially ending in 7 minutes. and i am waving them goodbye with 32mg of medrol and antihistamines. no no no i don’t want to get tsounned up in bury, exo doulies jiame, i cannot just lay in bed until i m fit for facing the world.

and plus i know i ll get tired and next week is term time AGAIN.

And i don’t want to sit through pointless lecture about ct scans which i ll never see again until next year or smth.

ok ok im moaning.

i shouldn’t do that

but yeh

everything is alright!

im delighted to be re-living with my colleagues and driving around the english ‘country-side’ and then shopping from waitrose, i am spoiling myself in newmarket! too bad i can’t / don’t want to eat anything apart from lettuce chicken and spinach and chickpeas and rice. what am i going to have for breakfast? i need to get to waitrose special dietary section to see if they ve got some oat bread, OR YOU DEAR READER CAN SEND ME AN ALL-KRI8ARENIO 4OUMIN.

rice milk with a bit of coffee. it actually tastes good. (yes i tried it…so that’s my breakfast)

OR i can get rice flour and do my own RICE BREAD :-D

im cutting down on food again

today i had 1 black coffee

1 chicken breast with a bit of olive oil steamed up (it was nice!)

and another black coffee

and im not hungry.

aaa what am i going to have tomorrow?


4 Responses to the commence of my ebay addiction

  1. to savato nixta etelionne ena auction pou ekamna bid, imoun o monos bidder, nomizo sta $6, je eminisken miso lepto peripou, ospou na kamo refresh, eteliosen to auction, je ishen akoma 6 bids je to poso eteliose sta $26…

    • RoAm says:

      tssssssssss ma giati ka8etai o kosmos sto ebay sior?
      inta pou exoun na kerdisoun?
      giati en mas afinoun na kamnoume ti douleia mas isixa kai anodina?

  2. melina says:

    oreos o mike, enen polla yiax opos ta ali8ina krania :P

    ree exw ena sinadelfo pou tou eteliosan oi seires ,kai tora blepei (guess what) everybody loves Raymond. lame lame lame en xortannw na ton peripezw, alla areskei tou, kai eipa na to protinw, mporei na iparxoun kai alloi arrostimenoi an8ropoi ekei exw…

  3. RoAm says:

    ne o mike en plastikos alla lifkountai tou llia pramata poji poda…i telospanton den einai polla kalon to ‘resolution’ tou :P

    hahaha i love raymond! e8oroun ton pou imoun mitsia. je stis epanali4eis :P
    nomizo 8a telioso to simpsons je to black adder pros to paron.

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