back and forth

just a 9 min phone call to mess me up.

Pano pou lalo i am only looking forward now, there comes smth from the past to shuffle me.

I enjoyed the call, i got nervous, that’s why i don’t like it.

I didn’t treat that person as well as he deserved. I feel sorry about it. And i told him after 4 years over the last september. i just couldn’t bare the feeling of me being unjust to him. And he sort of accepted my apology. He was very logical and he was right. Different circumstances, different approaches.

But i enjoy seeing him and i want to spend time with him which is impossible.

I want to know what he is up to.

If i only was who i am now 4 years ago…or at least if i didn’t have deviations whom gave me much much much enjoyment (later turned to bitterness).

And now on the phone i got to rant and i asked for a photo of la4ane (everyone seems to bypass my request!). I just feel helpless when i face him. I just want to become the carpet to step on me pou laloumen giati a3izo to.

Life is a bitch pou lalei je i CK.

Well i should go back to my embryology reading which i enjoy very much, thank you.

biking ride


night skies

pao na doko pas ton toixo!


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