2 med school exams down

Subject Grade 1 Total Mark Out Of Grade Input Rank Rank Out Of
Second M.B. Examination: Intro Pass 8 10      
2nd M.B. Health and illness Pass 50 100  

2 Responses to 2 med school exams down

  1. Anonymous says:

    pass with a 50%?

  2. RoAm says:

    yes it,s one of those GMC exams that everyone takes.
    the rest of cam exams pass mark is 70%.
    to be frank we all got the same marks…
    there’s a woman in my year who took an english degree in oxford and got 70%.
    SCHI module is designed by sociologists who don’t really like medics anyway :p
    all we do about is how medicine is evil and is a by product of capitalism essentially.
    but to be frank i really like it.
    and i had done quite a bit of reading around the subject. its just that they don’t want to give us more marks than the actual pass mark…

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