auti i xara…

pou sou dioun merika plasmata apla je monon epidi en kali i 4ishi tous je katalavete pou 1000 milia.

xoris para3enies je idiotropies je idiori8mies.

it’s cool je in na eisai idiorrythmos tin simeron imera.

It’s cool to deviate from the normal (even though you strive daily for normalcy and not skewing away…vicious circle i tell you re my friend!).

It’s not so cool when you lose your identity trying to become smth you are not.

that's what came up for identity on devart. ps: its amazing how many things can fit in that little space!!! {and i got to know them all and their relations}

and yes this post is about my boyz and girlzz back in cyprus pou den exo pia konta kai amfivallo an 8a tous 3anaexo.

kai gia na kleisoume me gelio

look at that an den to eidete. FYRMOS!

ps: no one should EVER have to go through colostomy bags. If i had one wish it would be to find smth to repair the large intestine without having to wear a poo bag for the rest of your life. I seriously thing im drawn to gastro-shit (got it mwhahaha?). Who can live without a good poo? Who can live with heart burns? Who can live with flatulence? No one!

{as if you can live with a broken bone / COPD / Heart disease and all the other goodies in the party bag }

axxxxx it’s fun being a med student!

Makes you realise that you should be spending your days of health or at least relative health in the pub (when its rainy) and in the streets (when its sunny) — { smth we are apparently not able to do …}

ps2: epiaen i Sandra Bullock oscar.

ps3: je i monique

ps4: pote en na piaei i pos tin lalume……….i Va88oula? (jinei re paidi mou pou to vourate geitone je meta mamma tou sotiraki tou mpatso agapi mou}


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