in between cdk1 and cyclin b

comes the realisation that:

i miss my Imperial dudes.




agia triada

those were the times reeeee.

mana mou tous kyknous mou je tes papies mou pou e8ela na sfa3o ka8e mera. palio-poulia, xtitzion!

remember that we were scratching our balls for the whole year (september to april).

remember that they only thing we were stressed about was labs and stupid computer programming? (an nen kaka je e3orista je ta 2 )

Remember when it snowed Imperial was shut down for 2 days? I do!

Today i had to walk for 20 minutes amidst the snow fall.



One Response to in between cdk1 and cyclin b

  1. nekat0meni says:

    honestly exi kero pu se diavazo…k pragmatika se 8aumazo!to pos antexis gia deutero ptixio mlm exis megales antoxes k malista iatriki!ego master kano k tora arxisa k kourazome….svr bravo sou!!!

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