midterm overdrive

This is week 3 or 4. IM not even sure. In 4 or 5 weeks term will be over. In 2 weeks with mathematical calculation i will be into the Week 5 Blues.

In order to avoid that horrific time i have to work my ass off.

Yesterday i woke up at 7:30 (!!!!) to get to the Occupational Health Center which is located on other side of town. I had to go through winds, cold and snow flakes. And i knew that it was pointless…cos i knew it would be whether i want to have the BCG vaccine or not. And i choose not to. I think i was quite clear on that. No need to have a vaccine that does not really work and most of the world does not offer it anyway. And plus…tsouns. I cannot even begin to think what would happen if i had tsouns in btn exams etc.


Came back home, had coffee with a friend who i think may be exploiting the fact that i ve got a car but anyway let’s not go there.

I was severly hungry. And i don’t know why. I ve had 2 breakfasts and soup for lunch but nevermind, i made a small dinner and said ‘fine now i ll study embryology for the tutorial tomorrow’. Sat on my bed with the macbook and i fell asleep. (i had already had my shower and was already in my pjs). I woke up at 8ish and tucked into bed. Close the mackbook. At about 9:30 i heard about 3 missed calls vibrations and then another one on my cypriot phone. That would deffo be my mom. Have to tell them am alive, otherwise they may take the next plane for stansted or smth. Text them ‘im sleeping’. Back to bed.

Woke up at 8:40 this morning.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME??????????????????????????????????

And here’s the new blog url



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