the root of the problem

O3ia sterisi pragmatikis e3odou


Terribly miss the Nicosia bars.

I’m dyingggggggggggg of ‘evare8ika nan Savvato je na mai spiti’.

Fuck it.

8elo na lyso mes tin Babylon, tin New Division, to Plato’s je na pao na do epitelous tis eginiken to kaimeno to double 6 (aresken mou polla jinto pataroudin).

Can we please scoop out tin Lefkosia je na tin feroume dame?

I mallon katse…na kamoume scoop out to panepistimio je na to katsoumen dipla pou tin Lefkosia?

Na fyoun je ta shionia je oulla!

Evare8ika tin 3enera.


seriously homesick!


2 Responses to the root of the problem

  1. marcella says:

    σε καταλαβαινω…μα ψάξε να βρεις άλλου είδους διασκέδαση…είμαι σίγουρη πως κάτι θα βρεις!;)

  2. RoAm says:

    4ofos puts me off for one…
    and if u don’t have the right company….


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