oxi re pousti mou na me moni mou sta bday mou.

en 8a to ante3o.

avrio 8a pao tesco na goraso krasi. alla nomizo en exo ID mazi mou…


8elo tous filous mou na do(?) na pame volta sti platiaaaa na nananana

gosh i feel terrible!

and the day it’s not even officially here.

8elo na kamo emetooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, pono to scapula mou je ekama je rytides.

in the middle of fucking nowhere with none one to have fun with aaaaaaarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

kata ta alla im supposed to actually do have that someone but in my point of view it is not really working out. One more thing to worry about.

where’s the booze when u fucking need it?

yeh i can think of a zillion things to cheer me up alla i just don’t want to ok?

Am i please allowed to feel crap?

I want to stay in bed all day tomorrow

i don’t want to feel any fucking cold, i don’t want to see the sunlight, i don’t want to go to ethics and law lecture , i don’t want to go to a post mortem, i don’t want to go to abdominal x ray shit, i don’t want to say ‘thank you’ and give a fucking fake smile.

i don’t like growing old

i don’t like being away from the people that are dearest to me

i don’t like their fucking weather

i don’t like the fact that im stuck in a village

I choose not to choose happy birthday, i chose …ehm nothing?

on a happier note : today i palpated bowels that were not covered by layers of muscles.

I am pathetic aren’t i? If these shit make me happy and excited i am fucking abnormal aren’t i?


18 Responses to

  1. marcella says:

    cheer up! its your birthday ke esi apofasizis me poio kustumi tha ta ipodextis…;)

  2. marcella says:

    cheer up! its your birthday ke esi apofasizis me poio kustumi tha ta ipodextis…;)ohhhhh! and of course happy happy bdayyyyyyyyyy!

  3. RoAm says:

    ah thanks (but im not smiling :P ).
    my god eginikes i moni mou regular anagnostria, auto sou to anagnorizo. thanks for that as well ;-).
    pros to paron foro ena gkrizo panteloni je ena poukamisoudin pou to xara me leptes vissinies (?) vertical grammes. Papoutsia…ehm 8a valo ta mavra mou sneakers!

  4. τα προηγουμενα μου γενεθλια με βρηκαν απεναντι απο το αγαλμα σολωμου, στο μεγαλο παρκινγκ να τρωω σουβλακι και να πινω sprite παρεα με το συγκατοικο..

  5. Anonymous says:

    xronia polla!! cheer up..could be a lot worse:)

  6. osr says:

    στην αρχή όταν διάβασα το κείμενο σου λαλώ όι μάνα μου τούτη χάνει, εν τέλεια σάικο τζαι η θεματαλογία της είναι γάμησε τα

    αλλά τελικά εν πολλά καλά που έshεις τουντην πελλάρα τζαι είσαι psycho

    να ζήσεις, χρόνια πολλα ευτυχισμένα και καλά!!! ;)

    τζαι μεν αγχώνεσαι μες το φακκινγκ ινγλαντ, εν φυσικά τουτα που νοιώθεις

    πάντως εν καλά να παεις σε κανα ψυχολόγο, πως το λένε στα αμερικάνικα χωρκά; to a shrink γιατί εν σε θωρώ καλά

    • RoAm says:

      oxi re…en nen je polla psycho na 8eleis na pernas ta gene8lia sou me ton kosmo pou agapas, spiti sou je oxi stin mesi tou pupote.

      alla nai ta bday mou einai mia kali imera na katalavo poson useless eimai se tounton kosmo je oti kamno la8os choices.

  7. melina says:

    antexe kori je enna perasei i gamimeni i mera. u will be fine¨0)

  8. Urban Tulip says:

    happy bday roamaki.
    here;s some wine. cheers :)

    • RoAm says:

      thanks dear tulip! ipia to krasi pou laleis and it certainly made a bit of a difference ;-) alla e3ipnisa me ponojefalo simera!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Se diavazo poly kairo. Einai i proti fora pou afino comment. Apla gia na sou po XRONIA POLLA!!!. Kai en eisai moni sou. Eimaste polloi makria sou,alla toso konta sou :-)

  10. koukounarii says:

    hahahahah o anonymous en eshi lathos
    anw, kori AGAPOSE je opu na se ime je ego ista ingkland
    je na su po je kati, a depression makes u feel more alive from time to time
    its like the black on the white, how do u know white is white if there’s no contrasT?

    let me tell u that last year, new years – i was in my room STUDYING. beat that, 19th century mansion. hahaha


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