life in hospital accomodation

The 20 of us crammed together in a building. Heat is on.

Wake up in the morning (after long dreams about not making it to Bury, not waking up, not doing things right).

Pee in the cold toilet.

Wash in my room (no sink in the toilet – why for fucks sake?).

Take my pink hospital accomodation donated bowl and put my cornflakes.

Head for the kitchen whilst the creaking doors close behind me. I try to tip toe, i don’t want people to wake up because of my early hours.

Pour some milk.

Come back. Open the pc. TOday i get an unexpected email from Offsite saying that they are stopping their thing. Shame, i was always looking forward to it.

Brush teeth, think of what shirt to wear, prepare my bag. 5 minutes before lecture/clinical practise i lock my door. I go downstairs and walk for a minute to the education centre.

People are there, waiting for the guy who’s giving the lecture.

It’s cold in those rooms! I can’t move. I feel sleepy.

Coffee break in the library and their coffee machine.

Again go downstairs.

Then lunch break.

Meet with the guys and have toast + egg + some greens. Again and again.

Back to lectures or smth cool as a post mortem or more clinical skills.

Then at 5 we finish. Come back for the tea- time.

Study a bit, or watch clinical examination videos online. Funny man Dr S***los. I am still haunted by his respiratory stuff.

Meet downstairs for the cooking for the evening part. Tonight we had trahana ala kotjinoxorkatika (if there’s such a thing). Last time was baked chicken + potatoes, my turn was past with prawns and tomato sauce. Tomorrow it’s my turn.

Then wash, then come back, watch something in the vein of medical tv drama (house md and grey’s are the faves in here although we were told by some other guys that there’s a series with a gynae ward that’s good).

Then sleep and all over again.

But tomorrow it’s GP DAAYYYYY YAY!

ps: today i was the first to find an enlarged spleen on a patient woohoo. i think it was just a random guess. but apparently it is quite odd to actually feel for enlarged spleens as they should be twice the size of the normal before they are palpable.

that’s all for today. and just so that you don’t think i am only directing you to my ‘successes’, my tutor today told me off for saying ‘Hi’ to the patient and not ‘Hello’. Hahaha!

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