provlimata o kosmos (je meis kanenan)

I am sick and tired of drinking crap home-made filter coffee. I hate this coffee machine i bought (the cheapest thing i could find). It’s called Matsui smth and i got it from Curry’s.

So i warn you. If you want coffee buy the cheapest coffee machine on Argos, i had it for 3 years and it was fabulous! (fabulous for the crap coffee category though…but hey it is waay better than crappiest coffee of the crap coffee category).

Have you ever heard of people having to take medication to stay asleep for exams and dissertations? I mean serious stuff…not just caffeine pills. I did…today over lunch. I must tell you… i am utterly shocked!And they mentioned of hyperventilation side effects as well.

After 3 coffees i get palpitations (or at least i feel like it) so i stop having coffee after 2 aaateee 3 mugs / day cos that’s fucking scary. And to be honest i dont want to tuck in bed with my burgyndy stethoscope waiting for a heart leap to occur. I just need to NOT worry about physical stuff i INFLICT on myself (thank god myself gives me enough things to worry about on its own).

I am always sleepy.

I nver do any work.

I am probably the worst of my group but heeeyy i won’t swallow pills or have 10000 double espressos just to get good marks…(does that mean i am not dedicated enough?).

But i could use some hyperactivity vitamins from boots (but they could potentially cause problems as well wouldn’t they).

So back to square 0 . Stop blogging/ surfing and drink your fucking crap coffee whilst reading about the eyelid anatomy.

ps: i always thought opthalmology was a damn boring specialty… but now that i am reading all this it is quite important specialty. Can tell loads of whats going on inside your head. I am just glad i didn’t know the things i now know when i got blurry vision once (i would have freaked out). And eyesight – i think – is my favourite of the senses. But then again you can always adapt can’t you? But no, i ‘d rather have a top notch ophthalmologist to spot and sort out problems, roight?

5 Responses to provlimata o kosmos (je meis kanenan)

  1. Anonymous says:

    1 word: adderall

    Welcome to med school.

  2. Urban Tulip says:

    Ακου να δεις ROAM.
    Ολα και ολα, εγαμηθηκες απο το διαβασμα, φαινεται εξάλλου, ταλαιπωρείσαι με κόκκαλα και αίματα ΑΛΛΑ
    πρέπει να πινεις καφέ της προκοπής.
    Montblanc πανάκριβη πήρες της αδελφής σου ( να σου ζήσει) και δεν μπορείς να δώσεις 60 στερλίνες για μια ευπρεπη philips ή krups;
    άτε να δουμε…..
    Πάρε τη philips που προγραμματίζεται κιόλας.
    περιμένω να μου πεις τι έκανες επί του θέματος.

  3. RoAm says:

    @anonymous: haha i thought you could get amphetamines over the counter or smth or at least a mild form but nope!

    @urban: Oxi re….en egami8ika akoma. Mentally prospa8o na me fero sto gamisi alla deeen. Eshieis dikeon! I month blanc en dame dipla mou je pragmatika anaro8kioume giati en 235 sterlines…laleis na kamo doro tou eautou mou kali kafetiern? skeftoumai omos pou metakomizo ka8e llio poji poda…aaaxxx je kapote en na xo diamerismatoudin…mmmm inta kala!

  4. maria t. says:

    kori, tha su dokw tin palia tin diki mu…
    kamnei mian kuzan kafe ke ine ke filiki pros to perivallon, no power needed.
    …distixws den tin xrisimopiw pia giati i sigkatikos mu epiasen kenurgian yperparagwgi.
    je tha pamen monmouth na piaseis kafen kalon!yiiaaaaaammmmmmmm

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