weekend is almost here (please?)

i miss the city…



3 Responses to weekend is almost here (please?)

  1. Urban Tulip says:

    υπομονη roam. Κάποτε θα τελειώσει και αυτό.

  2. Demetris says:

    It really is ONLY a 40 minute train ride. :)

  3. RoAm says:

    @ tulip : nai re en je exo parapono…alla aman eshieis na sigkrineis londino me cambridge…kati paei la8os! En llio gyrisma to mesimeri pou en eshiei ena topo na pao me to tupperoudin mou na katso na fao je prepei na gyrizo pou kkafe se kkafe!!!

    @demetris: ah yes thank god! it’s just that it HAS to be a weekend since i cannot miss lectures and stuff. It’s just like being at school again when you have all these people noting down your presence and require information on how/when/what you study.

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