now in japanese

私は全滅させた電子である。私の孤独な存在および目的意識に思い出させることを何もを使って。 私は再度失われる。 私は決して幸福を感じない。 何人かの人々が幸せに感じるために決して意味されないので。逃す何かが常に常にあり、ブランクを満たすことをに試みる。 いくつかの私記入しても多くの空が常にある。つまり私は喜びを見つけない。


7 Responses to now in japanese

  1. diasporos says:

    εν ιφκέννω που μέσα…

  2. from google translate:

    I is the electron annihilation. Anything to do with a sense of purpose and it reminds me a lonely existence. I’m lost again. I never feel happy. Some people does not mean we never have to feel happy. There is always something missing Always, try to meet in the blank. There are always many empty and some filled me. I find that is a joy.

    thanks in advance ;)

  3. sike says:

    alexandre, nomizo na antallaxoume simeiwseis

    I am the electron which is made to destroy. Making my lonely existence and intended consciousness remember using what. I am lost for the second time. I do not feel happiness under any condition. Because it is not under any condition meant because the people of some person are moved by happily. There is something which it lets escape always, always it tries to the fact that blank is satisfied. However many private record entrances doing, it is many and there is a sky always. In other words I do not find the joy.

    babel fish translation

  4. RoAm says:

    ekerdisen i Sike giati to translation ekama to me babel fish ;-)

    Dkiavazo Nuclear and Particle physics je egirisen mou.

    E3erete oti under the Quantum Field Theory je ta Quantum Electrodynamics iparxei monon ENA electron field as to poume je ena wavefunction je oulla ta ilektronia pou exoume en apla pou ta diafora amplitudes or smth tou wfn???
    mporei je na sas ta lalo la8os giati jeino pou edkiavasa itan mia grammi.
    Je epeidi en exo je pollin ore3i na to gire4o (kanoun me touta pou exo) mporei na lalo paparies.

    Alla to concept einai sosto.

    Polla interesting philosophically.

    Ena field mono re gamoto? MONO???
    E ke mporoume na sindesoume touto to lonely field me to oti pale epian me mia mikri fasi ‘What the fuck am i doing in my life?’ . Minor crisis in other words.


  5. V says:

    file i think u need a break!!!
    otan vris athkiasi na pame for a coffee!! :)

  6. Cake says:

    ta tam ta raraa ra ra ra ara tam tam tararam ta ra rara I Cant Get No! SA-Ti-SFAC-TION, I CANT GET NO SATISFACTION, Cause I TRY and I TRY and i try and i TRYYYYYY

    sing along now!

    I CANT GET NO!!! tara raaam ta ra ra ra rara I cant Get NO…..

    an protimas u go darling

    私が得るNOを傾けないtaのtam taのraraaのRAのRAのRAのaraのtamのtamのtararam taのRAのrara! 満足、私は得る満足を傾かない、私がおよび私は試み、試みるi TRYYYYYY試み、原因 今歌いなさい! 私は得るNOを!傾かない!! 私が得る…..傾けないタラのraaam taのRAのRAのRAのrara

  7. RoAm says:

    haha re cake. eshieis dikaio.

    etsi enei. im a little spoiled brat pou en katalavei pou satisfaction ores ores :P

    trying to fight it!

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