RoAm is back in towwwn

I think i am back into my RoAm form.

I like it here.

Feels cosy.

I think i am going to get this blog in a book.

Don’t u know? You can print your own books. Just one copy though :P There’s deals for more but i am looking for the cheapest thing. RoAm on hard copy. I will never worry if i loose my text due to a breakdown or smth. What if wordpress dies out one day and i am left with 2 burnt lips? (or labia … i never understood what the context of the phrase actually is).


Now how can i extract all these into a pdf with all the comments and pictures?!?!?!

4 Responses to RoAm is back in towwwn

  1. sike says:

    πε μας τζι εμάς ποννα μάθεις

  2. alex says:

    “…with 2 burnt lips? (or labia…” hahahahahahaha elysa pou to gelio

    gia to vivlio, read this and its comments:
    you may find it useful…

  3. Cake says:

    ekamen mou to se soft copy i mama mou gia ta xristougenna kai mou eipe “to prwto sou vivlio..” itan polla gliko

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