thumbs up

I was published on friday.

No big deal….in the uni newspaper.

And what was my topic about?

come one


aa orait

it was the Cyprus Problem hahaha.

And now i am at the website of the paper and i see that they used one of the pictures i sent them with Mitsios and Tttalattouris having a handshake.

So funny.

ps: i dont even have the paper! i did not go to uni on friday when it was released.

but then again i would recycle it anyway, wouldn’t i ?

I would give in.

I recycle manically.



2 Responses to thumbs up

  1. Sike says:

    teeheehee, συνέχισε να εκδίδεσαι ;P

  2. RoAm says:

    pou na ekdidome akrivos?



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