Last Day Of Spring

I’ve just realised that this is another 31st of May….one of the many that have come and gone. I love spring but it seems that spring is a doomed season for all the students who want to get decent marks ( tous komple3ikous san emena diladi).

Every 31st of May is a goodbye to a blooming spring (tora sto London en to pollo8oro to blooming alla i know somewhere out there exists a proper spring), and a welcome to a HOTTTTT summer. Boy, i love those hot summers….But summer is another huge beloved chapter.

Always, with the end of spring (the start of summer basically) comes the birthday of my best friend.

For the first time in my life i won’t be there to wish her happy freaking birthday. Especially, this year, she is turning 20….just 10 from 30.

Last year i tried to make her day look black since i insinsted we should not celebrate since it is just 11 to the first -anta. But what the heck, 19 is still 19 so we had a party anyway. This year i won’t say anything since i am turning 20 as well in some months ( panagia mou an nen kako je e3oristo!). This year i will wish her happy birthday via phone, probably send an email with loads of touching words and an old stupid photo, with promises to make up for the lost time.

Comparing last spring with this dying spring; 5 April 2006 i got my driving license ( eh pelle epian me o Charos kai epire me se oulla ta fota na strifko de3ia), i finished high school with all the side effects and emotions which i will not comment upon at the moment.

This spring was wayyy different. I lived alone ( i particularly enjoy this :p ),  went to the xrisoprasino fillo for a month, had all the joy and activities one can have in Nicosia (apart from ‘clubbing’ which i detest), and the usual… Exams, even though this year’s are way different. In other words spring always finishes with some sort of studying and starts with loads of enthusiasm.

Cheers for the spring of 2007!


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