London Calling

Eτέλειωσα τις μισές μου εξετάσεις…Καλά ή κακά εν να δείξει. Στο ένα επηα τα αρκετά καλά, στο άλλο αρκετά χάλια και στο τρίτο οκ….τέλος πάντων!!!

Που λέτε! Η μητέρα, οφ κορς, μου εκουβαλήθηκεν αυτήν την εβδομάδα, αμπα και αφήκει το μωρό μόνο του, τωρά που εχει exams. Φυσικά άλλο που εν έθελα κάποιον για συμπαράσταση/πλύμα/μαείρεμα κ.τ.λ.

Πιστεύω επερασε πολλά ωραία δις τάιμ. Κάθε μέρα έβαλλα της Παρα Πέντε (μες σε 4 μέρες είδε 22 episodes) . Μεν δεις γέλιο! Μόλις τέλειωσα την Παρασκευή (ξεκινώ τα εγγλέζικα γιατι εν κάπως ηλίθιο να γράφω τις ονομασίες στα ελληνικά)…

So when i was done we met at the tube station. Next stop Hammersmith. I had never been to Primark before so i thought why not visit it along with da mother. Kalan ti xorkathkion!!!! En ivra tpt ektos pou kati extremely cute shoes  pou itan 4 lires parakalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anws…later on we went to Covent Garden where i showed her my faves ( the cheese shop that stinks and Neal’s Yard). We walked to Totenham Court Road and slowly made our way to Oxford Street. Apparently, the night before, there was a horrid blaze in New Look. In effect, the building was in a pretty bad shape so they had to closedown 30 metres of traffic (and pavement) along the New Look shop. Hence we had to divert our way towards Carnaby Street. We walked along Regent Street until we got to Piccadilly Circus. Trafalgar Square was next in line. Then Westminster/Big Ben/Millenium Bridge etc. Eventually we got to Leicester Sq and that’s when we took the tube back home!

Πάντα ήθελα να πάω γύρο του Λονδίνου με τα πόδια. Δεν μου αρέσει το γεγονός ότι το Λονδίνο το χαίρομαι από κάτω! Δεν είχα ιδέα ότι όλα είναι in such a close proximity. Central London is really not that big.

Saturday morning: we spent the morning at Portobello Market ( Notting Hill ). I am not really into Portobello, but i knew my mom would, so i just had to take her there…Apparently she bought twenty thousant teapots for her collection. My fave buy of the day was the trout that we got for lunch.

And today, to cut a long story short , i showed her around Camden Town (my fave) which is 15 minutes by bus from my current residence.

At the moment the mother should be boarding for her flight back to sweet home Cy.
Eperasa polla orea this weekend.
I am really happy that me and me mom got to spend some quality time together because back in Cy usually mallonoume kai jini douleukei, ego fkeno e3o k.t.l.

Love you mom!


2 Responses to London Calling

  1. apotinedra says:

    Ekames mas ena noero tour tou Londinou tora…kai anoikses mas tin oreksi! By the way einai i pio agapimeni mou poli tou kosmou!

  2. roam365 says:

    Nai, nai na to xairomaste xwris ekri3eis etc. Exw link gia to London Daily Photoblog, 8a sou aresei!!!! En polla wraia na laleis ‘ah epia dame! eida to touto.’

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